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What's New?

March 11th, 2001 Well, it's done! GZG-ECC IV is now in the books.

Thanks to everybody for coming out, and helping to make it a big success. We've already made reservations for GZG-ECC V, coming along in early March, 2002. We're also in negotiations to lock down our location for GZG-ECC VI, and GZG-ECC VII, so there are many years of fun ahead. Come to Lancaster, and check us out!

The After Action Reports are starting to come in. Take a look!

Keep in touch with us! There's a mailing list for GZG-ECC information. Just send a blank email to gzgecc-subscribe@warpfish.com to be placed on the list. If you have problems or questions, you can contact Jerry Han directly.

Any questions, please send to Jerry Han - jhan@warpfish.com


GZG-ECC IV is OVAH! Read about Lancaster, PA and see where we were. General information can be found with the Con Index.

We've shifted our dates from the last weekend in February to the first weekend in March. GZG-ECC IV will take place March 2-4, 2001.

In all our preparations, we forgot to mention the full set of prices for the convention! The prices are:

  • Pre-registration: $20 (Ends Feb. 22nd)
  • At the Door -- Weekend: $25
  • At the Door -- Friday: $5
  • At the Door -- Saturday: $15
  • At the Door -- Sunday: $5

The first ever Ground Zero Games, West Coast Convention occurred on October 20th-22nd, in Oakland, California. Please print out our small ad poster, and spread the word about us! If you want to get information about when we update this site, just send a blank email to subscribe to our mailing list at: gzgecc-subscribe@warpfish.com. If you have problems, or if you have comments on the website, you can contact Jerry Han directly.

The Committee for GZG-ECC IV:

  • Jon Davis
  • Jerry Han
  • Mark Kochte

With thanks to:

  • Ted Arlauskas
  • Tom Barclay
  • Nick Caldwell
  • Allan Goodall
  • Mike Richie
  • Kieran Rohan
  • Mike Sarno

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