After Action Reports

Report by Jon Davis
The convention's now over, but the memories remain, 
Of battles fought fiercely, and friends we gained. 
We played Full Thrust, Ground Zero's game, 
And Cinegrunt too, each with their own claim to fame.

We painted our armies with such care and delight, 
And strategized for hours, deep into the night. 
The miniatures glinted with laser fire and beams, 
As we fought for supremacy in our futuristic dreams.

The competition was tough, but the camaraderie strong, 
As we laughed and joked and played all day long. 
We made new friends from far and wide, 
With a shared love for the sci-fi world we abide.

The convention may be done, but the memories live on, 
Of battles won and lost, and friendships forged strong. 
We'll treasure these moments, and look forward to the next, 
When we'll reunite with our wargaming family, and put our skills to the test.

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Thanks to our prize providers!

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