Miniatures Contest

Traditionally, GZG ECC runs a miniatures painting contest on the Saturday Afternoon of the convention.

You may enter in four categories:

  • Starships
  • 1/300
  • 25mm
  • 15mm

All entries must be painted by the person entering the miniatures. You may submit 2 entries per category, for a maximum of 8. Submissions will be taken by Mark 'Indy' Kochte during the Saturday morning session. Squads /Platoons will count as one entry. A squad with an APC will count as two entries. Entries must be painted by the person making the submission.

During the Saturday afternoon session, Convention attendees will vote on their favourite miniatures, 2 votes per category. Winners will be announced Saturday evening, before the start of the evening session. A winner can only win one prize per category. A short photo session will follow the awards ceremony. Miniatures can be reclaimed after the photo session.

Mark will abstain from the initial voting. In the case of any ties, Mark will cast the deciding vote.

Please talk to Mark Kochte if you have any questions.

Good luck! Remember, entries are due by the start of the Afternoon session on Saturday.

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