• Friday Morning: March 27th, 2015 - 7pm to 11pm
  • Saturday Morning: March 28th, 2015 - 9am to 1pm
  • Saturday Afternoon: March 28th, 2015 - 2pm to 6pm
  • Saturday Evening: March 28th, 2015 - 7pm to 11pm
  • Sunday Morning: March 29th, 2015 - 9am to 1pm

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Friday Evening
(7pm - 11pm)
The Four Years War: Axanar Open Gaming Open Gaming Aliens Miniature Battle: Into the Dark Open Gaming Last Train to Clarksville
Saturday Morning
(9am - 1pm)
Rite of Succession Sink the Bismarck Bare Jump Open Gaming Scuffle at Scratchankle Brush War
Saturday Afternoon
(2pm - 6pm)
Open Gaming Astrosmash Black Sheep to the Rescue! Aliens Miniature Battle: Into the Dark Research Station Belewbeloid Rollerball - Houston vs Tokyo
Saturday Evening
(7pm - 11pm)
Ambush in the Bremen Corridor Swiss Cheese Space Open Gaming Open Gaming Being and ... Oops! The Fires of Revolution
Sunday Morning
(9am - 1pm)
Los Bandidos X-Wing: Space Rent Asunder Open Gaming The Al Bas Crossroads, Lebanon '82 Imperial Conflict Resolution 101 Open Gaming

Special Events

Friday Evening

TABLE 1The Four Years War: Axanar
SystemSMITE: Starship Manual of Interstellar Tactical Engagements
Game MasterIndy Kochte
Players4 - 6 playersComplexityModerate-Easy
Stardate: 2241.03. The planet: Arcanis IV. Founded nearly a century before, this research outpost has grown into a nourishing, full-scale city. It is a shining example of Federation progress. But it represents something very different to the Klingon Empire. Growing tired of diplomacy, their high chancellor proclaims, "If words were water, the humans would drown us all."

"The bad blood between the humans and Klingons meant that the job of preventing war and leading peace delegations fell to Vulcan. Regrettably, we failed." -Soval, Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation

For twelve hours the Klingon disruptors did not stop. Arcanis is reduced to rubble. Thousands of its inhabitants are dead, countless more missing. The first victims in what would become to be known as The Four Years War.

"They'd been expanding their empire for 200 years before the Federation was formed. That there would be a conflict with the Klingon people at some point was obvious to most of the members of Starfleet." - Admiral Marcus Ramirez, Commander in Chief, Starfleet

"Starfleet was never seen as a match for the Imperial Navy. Certainly not one that would impede the growth of the Empire." - General Kharn, Klingon Supreme Warlord

"Klingons were certain they could merely take anything they want. Starfleet's early losses did little to dissuade them of that notion." - Ambassador Soval

"Corianis VI, Vesta, Arcanis. We took some major beatings the first six months. For most of that first year, our mission was to slow them down, while we fell back." - Fleet Captain Kelvar Garth, USS Ares

"Well, at that point, about the only thing we were doing that impressed the Klingons was dying well." - Admiral Samuel Travis, USS Hercules

"Goddamn Inverness V. What a mess… By the time I got my orders, the attack was called off. The battle was already over. We'd pull out of warp into a junkyard." - Captain Sonya Alexander, USS Ajax

"The fragments of starships bouncing off my hull. Fragments of the…crews as well." - Admiral Samual Travis

"We'd be beaming [the survivors] up and one of two things would happen. The transporters would blow out. Or the Klingons would show up and start shooting." - Captain Kelvar Garth

"An Andorian acquaintance once said 'Don't push the pink skins to the thin ice'. Wasn't very eloquent, but the Klingons found it proved quite prophetic." - Ambassador Soval

"We are facing an enemy who is consumed and committed to our total destruction. An enemy that demands to be fought, and we will fight. But I say to you, our greatest challenge is not the might of the Klingon fleet. The greatest challenge laying before us is to do what must be done! Without undoing the dream of the Federation. For myself, I have but one fear: destroying the dream of the Federation. Compared to such a loss, I DO NOT FEAR THE KLINGON EMPIRE!" - Admiral Marcus Ramirez, Commander in Chief, Starfleet

"The Ares class looked good in simulations. Real good. But data can only take you so far. The only true test for a combat vessel is combat." - Admiral Samuel Travis

"The new Federation ships were…unexpected." - General Kharn

"Garth likes to play down his contribution. Don't you believe it. What he did that day no captain had ever done." - Captain Sonya Alexander

"It was a new ship. They said she was tough. I wanted to see what she could take." - Fleet Captain Kelvar Garth, USS Ares

"The Klingons were building something…something big." - Admiral Marcus Ramirez

"We'd proven we could take on the Klingons. But the D7…changed all that." - Captain Sonya Alexander

"The D7 would break the back of Starfleet. We had three shipyards across the Klingon Empire building her" - General Kharn, Warlord Klingon Empire

"If the Klingon High Counsel had listened to Kharn, they would have had D7s at Cygnus III. And all our new Ares-class ships would have been cut to pieces." - Fleet Captain Kelvar Garth, USS Ares

"The Admiralty had three different plans. The first one…wasn't worth spit. And the second one, was a good plan, a solid plan. But the third one was Garth's. […] 100% insanity. A bloodbath waiting to happen. That was Axanar." - Admiral Samual Travis

"We didn't sign up to be warriors. That's not what Starfleet is all about. We proved we could do what we needed to do to defend the Federation." - Fleet Captain Kelvar Garth, USS Ares

"The D7 was the ultimate expression of a Klingon warship. Technologically superior to anything in the quadrant. We would launch her, and devastate the Federation fleet." - Commander Kharn

Stardate 2245.1. The D7 enters the war.

(Familiarity with Full Thrust or previous incarnations of SMITE helpful)

TABLE 2Open Gaming

TABLE 3Open Gaming

TABLE 4Aliens Miniature Battle: Into the Dark
SystemCustom Aliens Miniature Battle Rules
Game MasterRon Walls
Players8 playersComplexity
After nearly four years of producing the highest quality gold ore in the sector, the Weyland-Yutani DynaMine facility on Klondike IV is offline, status unknown. The facility failed to file a monthly production report three weeks ago and all attempts to re-establish communication have failed. The ICC has requested assistance from the Colonial Marines with a search and rescue mission heading to Klondike IV. The Marines are looking for a few good men to volunteer for this mission. Will you?

TABLE 5Open Gaming

TABLE 6Last Train to Clarksville
Game MasterStuart Murray
Players2 - 6 playerComplexity
"Reckon there's gonna be trouble"


"Them boys's too high falutin' fer their own good, need taking down a peg or three"


Western gunfight using Cinegrunt! More plot holes than your grannie's string vest! More exclamation marks than ever!!!

Saturday Morning

TABLE 1Rite of Succession
SystemFull Thrust 2.5
Game MasterKen Wang
Players4 - 6 playersComplexityIntroductory
"Arrrgh! Ye represent yor pirate clan. The Pirate Fleet Admiral was ambushed by the law; and now we must choose a new Fleet Admiral. Now ya scallywags, which one of yor clans be strong enough to take the Fleet Admiralship? Ye thinks ye be strong enough? Bring yor battleship to the Cutlass system and ye can settle the score in accordance to the Pirate Codex! Last one standing be the new Admiral."

Note: All battleships will have same hull design, but the weapons systems have been modularized. Choose your weapon module to match your playing style and see if you can take the title of Pirate Fleet Admiral! Oh, and come prepared with a clever pirate clan name.

TABLE 2Sink the Bismarck
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterCarl Scheu
Players6 - 8 playersComplexity-
The Bismarck is leading the Vanguard of an NSL advance but it has been caught alone or has it?"

TABLE 3Bare Jump
Game MasterDavid Skelley
Players6 playersComplexity-
One of he most important installations of any large installation is its shield generators. Large bombardments are ineffective against such targets. One must get up close and personal to knock out these targets. Probem is can it be done before the target jumps out of system?

X-Wing on a special board for six players - rules to be taught.

TABLE 4Open Gaming

TABLE 5Scuffle at Scratchankle: All No Longer Quiet on the Martian Front!
SystemAll Quiet on the Martian Front
Game MasterJeff Aubert
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity-
June, 1914 in Scratchankle, Missouri. The Martians have invaded a second time, this time in greater force and prepared for our microbes. The US from the Rockies eastward to the Mississippi is now occupied by the Martians. Only artillery and water seem to bother them much. A new defensive line has been drawn along the Mississippi, but while the trenches and forts are being prepared on the east bank, someone has to delay the Martian machines and keep them from getting across the river. Near the ruined town of Scratchankle, Missouri 2 reinforced companies of US armor (steam tanks) supported by infantry, artillery and land monitors, built hasty positions and waited for the tread of Martian tripods (and the shuffling steps of waves of Lobototons). They didn't have to wait long.

TABLE 6Brush War
SystemHammer's Slammers
Game MasterStuart Murray
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
Morpeth is revolting! The Settlers have finally had enough of the Newcomers. The Settlers have hired the Free Foreign Legion to drive the Newcomers out; in response the Newcomers have hired the Commonwealth Maneuver Group. The FFL and CMG are jockeying for advantage prior to committing their main battle groups.

Saturday Afternoon

TABLE 1Open Gaming

TABLE 2Astrosmash
SystemSilent Death
Game MasterTom McCarthy
Players4 - 12 playersComplexity
The motto of Silent Death is "Fly Till You Die!". It's a nifty space dogfighting game with most fighters being small one-man stunt fighters and ranging up to lumbering Corvettes and Destroyers.

In an Astrosmash, players are assigned randomly chosen fighters. Each player's objective is to enter the battle royale, deal sufficient damage to the enemy crafts, and fly to their designated exit. Do that, and you get assigned a bigger, slower ship, a new objective for dealing damage, and a new exit. The result is a continuous furball of fighters that lets you fly (and kill) a wide variety of the game's fighters.

TABLE 3Black Sheep to the Rescue!
SystemCheck Your 6!
Game MasterMark Kochte
Players4 - 6 playersComplexityModerate-Easy
After a bombing rain gone bad at Gasmata Island, three B-25 Mitchells were separated from their squadron during a vicious fight with the airfield defenders. In the face of stiff opposition, the three bombers had managed to escape into a cloud bank. Getting lost in the cloud bank, the bombers found themselves near Bougainville, far from home, with Zeros all around. Fortunately, as the Zeros were starting to close in for the final kill pass, a patrol from VMF-214 "Black Sheep" heard the radio cries for help from the bombers, and came rushing to their aid.

Familiarity with the rules helpful, but not required.

TABLE 4Aliens Miniature Battle: Into the Dark
SystemCustom Aliens Miniature Battle Rules
Game MasterRon Walls
Players8 playersComplexity
After nearly four years of producing the highest quality gold ore in the sector, the Weyland-Yutani DynaMine facility on Klondike IV is offline, status unknown. The facility failed to file a monthly production report three weeks ago and all attempts to re-establish communication have failed. The ICC has requested assistance from the Colonial Marines with a search and rescue mission heading to Klondike IV. The Marines are looking for a few good men to volunteer for this mission. Will you?

TABLE 5Research Station Belewbeloid: Ice Planet Levin-22
SystemStargrunt II
Game MasterConnell and Barosi
Players4 - 6 playersComplexity
Private Gunn takes another drag from his cigarette. The burning coals at the cigarette's tip are the only source of warmth for Gunn in this frozen hell. As he exhales, the smoke mingles with his breath and forms an icy grey cloud in the cold morning air. Gunn considers B-Company's first miserable week at the research base. Morale has been low, despite the unexplained secrecy, during their assignment to this distant and seemingly unimportant planet. As the weak dawn light from the distant sun begins to filter through the darkness, it brings with it the distinct hum of motorized vehicles. Across the tundra, through the icy crags, Gunn spies a platoon of heavily armed skimmer mounted troops racing towards Ice Station Belewbeloid. Gunn drops his forgotten cigarette as he reaches for the alarm. "What in hell did those scientists find?"

TABLE 6Rollerball - Houston vs Tokyo
Game MasterMark Kinsey
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
In the not-too-distant future, wars will no longer exist. But there WILL be...The Game.

In a futuristic society where corporations have replaced countries, the violent game of Rollerball is used to control the populace by demonstrating the futility of individuality. One-third football, one-third motocross, one-third martial arts, it is so violent players often don't survive the game.

People love it.

Game run at "Cake Topper Scale." Rules available at Wargame Vault.

Saturday Evening

TABLE 1Ambush in the Bremen Corridor
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterJon Davis
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
Conditions at the siege and blockade of the Fountaunig system have deteriorated and supplies and fresh troops are needed to hold out against the Eurasian onslaught. In response to the ground fortress' distress calls, a Neu Swabian League naval task force has been directed to resupply and reinforce the fortress and harass the blockading naval groups.

Eurasian forces are determined to maintain the siege and blockade and have prepared a strike force to disrupt the NSL's resupply efforts.

TABLE 2Swiss Cheese Space
SystemSilent Death
Game MasterTom McCarthy
Players2 - 8 playersComplexity
The motto of Silent Death is "Fly Till You Die!". It's a nifty space dogfighting game with most fighters being small one-man stunt fighters and ranging up to lumbering Corvettes and Destroyers.

At the peak of the Espan Rebellion, the Federales discovered the Rebel base was hidden deep in a nebula. They sent an attack wing of Bloodhawk SPACs (one man attack fighters) to scout and clear the nebula. Once inside the nebula, they could not find the Rebel base. Just as they were about to abandon the mission and chalk it up to bad intel, Rebel Pit Viper fighters emerged from a wormhole nearby. Both sides need to destroy the other quickly before they can call for reinforcements, but the battle will likely be fought on both sides of the wormholes.

TABLE 3Open Gaming

TABLE 4Open Gaming

TABLE 5Being and ... Oops!
SystemSmallGrunt (SG2 Variant)
Game MasterMartin Connell and Steve Barosi
Players6 playersComplexity
When we last saw our heroes (GZG-ECC XIII, “Being and Nothingness”) they were in the basement labs of the Ghatanothoa-Zathog-Gloon Ecophysiology Causality Center on the Owego University campus. Our heroes had beaten the odds and reversed the infernal machine that was tearing reality apart. They had restored the Earth! Or had they? Return with our heroes to the G.Z.G.E.C.C. and attempt to set the world right… Again! A cooperative, character driven game in 15mm with no apologies to anyone this time.

TABLE 6The Fires of Revolution
SystemDirtside 2.5 (DS2 with FMA dice)
Game MasterThomas Barclay
Players4 - 8 playersComplexityIntroductory
Historical Background

2133: Radical French separatists in the colony settlements of Bretonneux, Doullens and Compville declare unilateral independence from the FSE. Elements of the Colonial Legion, namely the 1e REP, 5th and 13th DBLC, quell the insurrection. Resentment among the populations remains high and a nasty guerilla war rages for a lengthy period.

2169: Sponsored by NAC agents, the French separatists in Bretonneux and Doullens overthrow the Federal Stats Europa forces and proclaim the New French Republic. A similar insurrection in Compville fails.

2170: Our Scenario: Scandinavian mercenaries employed by the NAC with seperatist help attempt to overrun Compville and install the separatists in government so as to allow Compville to join the break-away New French Republic.

Will the NAC-sponsored revolution succeed? Will the Compville Seperatists and their mercenary allies carry the day and see Compville join the fledging New French Republic? Or will FSE Légion Étrangère Coloniale backed up by the Loyalist Milice de Compville manage to beat back the insurrection and see that Compville remains an FSE Colony?

This event is a fairly standard SG 2 or DS 2.5 (FMA dice style) game. The GMing will follow the maxim: Friction is fun!. Two teams of players will clash to determine whether history will read 'The brave Separatists and their NAC allies liberate Compville!' or 'NAC plot to overthrow the legitimate FSE Government of Compville fails!'. Individual players may have slightly differing agendas even within a team, although it may be possible for all players on a team to satisfy their personal agendas (victory conditions) concurrently.

Sunday Morning

TABLE 1Los Bandidos
SystemAxles and Alloys (Full Thrust variant)
Game MasterJon Davis
Players4 - 8 playersComplexity
Two rival post-apocalyptic gangs fight over a small southwestern village.

TABLE 2X-Wing: Space Rent Asunder
SystemFFG X-Wing Miniatures Game
Game MasterTom Barclay
Players2 - 8 playersComplexityEasy
A Rebel listening post known as Oracle Station has ceased transmitting. The Alliance dispatches Commander Skywalker a mixed squadron of starfighters to accompany him. Due to the possible need to evacuate crewmen, including some with potentially serious injury, Han Solo will be accompanying with the Millennium Falcon configured for medical evacuation.

The Rebel's Mission was to Hyper-jump into the Solidan Rift, an area just off of one of the main tradeways and also near several major Imperial mustering areas and logistical centers, and upon arrival, to assess the state of the station and rescue the specialists from Oracle Station along with any sensitive intelligence.

Precipitating out of Hyperspace violently and prematurely, the mixed Rebel squadron finds itself in an Imperial ambush! It appears the Empire has used some horrible new super-weapon do destroy Oracle Station whose side effect appears to have torn many small holes in the fabric of local space-time. The station is nowhere to be seen, although remaining for some time may allow any surviving data buoys to be located.

The main Imperial force appears to have left, but a patrol squadron of various TIE models and a Decimator are more than willing to attempt to wipe the Rebel scum from the galaxy in the name of the Emperor.

The patchwork of small tears in local space creates 'micro-wormholes' which ships may pass through, ejecting them elsewhere in nearby space, sometimes predictably, other times not.

The Rebels will want to scan for as long as they can and pickup any data buoys before leaving (and it will take at least 4 rounds before their Hyperdrive controllers have adjusted to the spatial distortions before they can leave).

TABLE 3Open Gaming

TABLE 4The Al Bas Crossroads, Lebanon '82
SystemModern Chain of Command
Game MasterMark Kinsey
“Well something does not look right. Hey, Colonel, where are we?"

This was the last thing you wanted to hear over the command headset. The rearmost element of the unit in front of you has not been seen in over thirty minutes. Your radio communication with the Brigade Commander has been intermittent at best. If plans would work, equipment would work and the enemy would cooperate there would not be so much balagan to have to deal with. There was some problem behind you and there is a gap in the line. You just hope that the airforce has not decided to bomb the column again. Oy Vey!

TABLE 5Imperial Conflict Resolution 101
SystemGrimdark / FMAS
Game MasterDamond Walker
Players6 playersComplexity
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only the Bureaucracy. They say bureaucracy breeds conflict and conflict is one thing the Imperium does not shy away from.

To that end help relay the tale of two erstwhile (yet politically opposite) Inquisitors and their retinues as they struggle to negotiate a win / win when confronted by uncertainly on the nearly-dead world of Paradise III.

As we fade from black mycetic spores darken the skies and a traitorous general awaits his just compensation for incompetence on a global scale. Or will he?

TABLE 6Open Gaming

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