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GZG ECC XVI is complete! Thank you to everybody who came out! Without you, this convention could not exist.

Check out our After Action Reports, now with photos.

The Mark Kinsey Project has been posted - see more photos of GZG ECC IX to today.

Sometime in June or July, we'll start posting information about next year's convention - GZG ECC XVII is scheduled for February 21-23, 2014. Keep an eye on this website!

This year's convention happened between February 22-24,2013, at the Owego Treadway Inn in Owego, NY.

Please check out our store - pick something up nice! Remember, everything goes into covering our costs and providing prizes - help support us!

With thanks to Mark Kochte, the GZG ECC XVI 2013 calendar. (Note, it's a 100MB download.)

Last Updated: March 17th, 2013

Welcome to the Ground Zero Games, East Coast Convention (GZG ECC) website!

GZG ECC is a non-profit convention, for fans of miniature gaming run by fans. Our spotlight is on Jon Tuffley's science fiction miniatures and rulesets produced by his company Ground Zero Games. But our volunteers run events covering a wide range of games. Check out our convention information.

Rules are available for free, for many of Jon Tuffley's games! Take a look at:

You can read more about our convention.

You can read more about Owego, NY and the Owego Treadway Inn.

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